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Here we are at the most important step of the wine making: THE FERMENTATION. After harvest grape and pressing the must is moved in some tanks where starts the fermentation and it can be of three kinds: - RED fermentation that gives rise to red wines: the must remains on the peels in order to allow the dissolution of polyphenols and scents contained in the peels and in the grape pips. This is the way how Due Maestà “MONTEPULCIANO” is produced! - WHITE fermentation gives rise to white wines: it’s obtained by removing immediately the must from the peels and from grape pips. So the wine will be almost less of tannin, delicate and fresh flavour and fruit smell, just...

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The Abruzzo winemakers have revealed some little secrets about grape harvest. Grapes should not be collected in the presence of dew and fog or after rain; the harvest should be avoided during the hottest time of the day to prevent the starting of fermentation and the last one secret is that the grape should be carried in little containers with a maximum capacity of 20 Kg to start the wine making as soon as possible avoiding that the grape will go bad. After the collection by hand of the best bunches the next step is fermentation. Firm bunches with a perfect peel are essential to do a great wine like Due Maestà! Stay tuned to discover how the fermentation happens!!...

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Looking around the Abruzzo vineyards you can discover that this year the grape harvest it is well in advance compared to the last ten years. It has started from the end of August because the hot temperature determinated the early grapes maturation. The 2015 grape harvest is considered high in quality and quantity. The Abruzzo winemakers always work for the best quality, like the producers of Due Maestà wines. But to produce an excellent wine it's necessary to use some important secret steps... Stay with us to know them!

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