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Wine and food pairing is an art rather than an exact science and is a question of flavors balancing. The old rule that white wine with seafood and red wine with red meats no longer apply. Here are some easy-to-remember tips: 1. Think about the dish or meal as a whole. Identify most expressive components and don't look to its main ingredient. Consider the dish as a whole, identify the dominant flavors and textures. 2. Match the texture of the food with the texture of the wine: rich food with rich wine and light food with light wine. A light wine, whether white or red, will be overpowered by a rich dish like steak. If you pair a light food...

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Drinking, like eating, is an experience that should engage all the senses. Starting with your basic senses (look, smell and taste) you will learn to taste wine. Keep in mind that you can smell thousands of unique scents, but your taste perception is limited to salty, sweet, sour and bitter. It is the combination of smell and taste that allows you to discern flavor. 1. LOOK: Check out the color, clarity and viscosity. Tilt your glass at a 45-degree angle against a white background. Look straight down into the glass. The first thing to examine is the color because some grapes can also be identified by their colour and this will give you an idea of how dense and saturated...

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First of all white wines must be served cooler while red wine can be better tasted at room temperature. A wine that is served too cold is easily warmed, but a wine served too warm can be difficult to chill. If a wine is served too cold, you can warm it with your hands by cupping the bowl. A wine that is too warm tastes alcoholic and is not a pleasure to drink. So when you drink white wine you should never touch the glass but only the stem, while when you drink red wines you can take the glass where you prefer. When you order a bottle of wine, the sommelier should always open it in front of you,...

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Premium Italian wines are on the fast track to the hearts of Asian consumers. Why? They offer EXCELLENT VALUE for outstanding quality. The best italian wines boast UNIQUE FLAVOUR and character. And Italian wines have exactly what the discerning international consumer is seraching for: fresh acidities, polished tannins, and balanced fruit, GIVING PLEASURE to the sophisticated palate. How good a wine is depends on how it is produced. THE LAND must be appropriate for growing that specific vine and the wine must be produced following the traditional method, so with no chemical additives. THE TASTE also depends a lot on the weather: there has to be the perfect balance of rain and sun: too much rain makes wine watery, while...

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve surely heard of the heart-healthy benefits of red wine. The list of wines benefits is long—and getting more surprising all the time. Prepare to be amazed because drinking a glass of DUE MAESTA' WINE each day can be a powerful health elixir! 1. GET SMARTER Resveratrol may help improve short-term memory. After just 30 minutes of testing, researchers found that participants taking resveratrol had a significant increase in retention of words and showed faster performance in the portion of the brain associated with the formation of new memories, learning, and emotions. 2. LIVE LONGER Researchers at Harvard Medical School uncovered evidence that resveratrol directly activates a protein that promotes health and longevity...

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