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Things You Need to Know About White Truffles

It’s our favorite, delectable time of the year: white truffle season. What that means is a chance to get elegantly high quality fresh truffles at Due Maestà !  What makes white truffles so special? Truffles are highly prized and sought after for their fragrant aroma. Truffles are rare. The white ones are only available a couple of months of the year, almost exclusively from Italy. Truffle is a wild product ?  Truffle is a wild product.It is not something you can cultivate or control.Truffles grow near or on the roots of trees, they actually grow approximately four inches below the surface. How expensive is white truffle  ?  In 2010, the most expensive White truffle in Italy ever sold went to Macau billionaire...

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Nutritional Facts About Truffles Truffles are excellent sources of minerals, like copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, sodium, potassium and calcium ; Truffles have been identified to possess medicinal properties ; Truffles are strong antioxidants; Truffles can control immune function to match the required level to prevents the side effects from an overactive immune system, and also boosts a weak immune system; Truffles have anti-tumors effects; References  1. Composition of commercial truffle flavored oils with GC-MS analysis and discrimination with an electronic nose. Pacioni G, Cerretani L, Procida G, Cichelli A. 2. Mushrooms and Truffles: Historical Biofactories for Complementary Medicine in Africa and in the Middle East.  Hesham El Enshasy,  Elsayed A. Elsayed,  Ramlan Aziz, and Mohamad A. Wadaan   Abruzzo Truffles Our Wild...

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